FIRST YEAR TEACHER? Mentoring a New Teacher?

Learn How to Thrive this Year!

The advice and inspiration you need for a great school year!

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    “It's not enough to just survive your first years of teaching. You deserve to thrive so you can create a sustainable career that brings you joy.”

    author of The Thrive Guide

    What you'll Learn in the Thrive Guide:

    • What to Prioritize
    • Distance Learning Guidance
    • Classroom Management
    • Organization Strategies
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Creating Rules and Routines
    • Reinforcing Expectations
    • and MORE!

    What's it all about?

    Starting the school year as a new teacher isn't easy under the best circumstances. With the looming uncertainty of the year ahead, setting up a classroom - either in-person or online - can seem like an impossible task. The Thrive Guide was written to give you peace and support in the midst of the chaos, while sharing practical strategies for establishing yourself as a teacher.

    Erin Sponaugle has taught 5th grade for 15 out of her 17 years in education. She is the founder of Next Chapter Press, which is committed to creating quality children's literature and teaching resources. For more information, visit